Planting a Seed in a Rocky Environment

Why us? Why now? This is the story of a few individuals with a love for the environment and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Our Beginnings

Becoming more and more worried about climate change, regressive policies, and a sluggish transition to renewables, our team sought solutions. We could not wait any longer, and neither can you. We asked ourselves what we could do as individuals to slow or offset carbon emissions at the source? We found a few solutions, but none were satisfactory or effective enough. We became vegetarian / pescatarian, used public transportation, used less water when showering, composted, recycled, the list goes on. These demonstrated commitment, and the removal of red meat from your diet does reduce your food carbon footprint by ~80%! However, none of our changes address the fact that 71% of emissions can be traced back to 100 companies. None of our individual actions directly tackled oil and gas emissions. 

How could we make a bigger impact?

The answer exists in carbon offsets. Today, you and I can donate money to plant trees or lobby congress. And while planting trees is great, neither are effective at transitioning away from coal, natural gas, and oil. Actually, studies now find that carbon offsets may encourage emissions.

As we searched for hope in new technologies, breakthroughs, or philanthropic investments – we hit wall after wall. Billionaires, like Bill Gates, only seem interested in a silver bullets that are 5+ years away. And yet, environmental scientists tell us we have 8 years (in what today seems a best case scenario) to prevent the worst effects of Climate Change. But the truth is that the solutions are available, they are just waiting to be implemented. There is no silver bullet. A 100% renewable future has always required a multitude of solutions based on geography, location, sun exposure, and so much more.

We are taking matters into our own hands, so that everyone who wants to make a difference can too.

We are taking matters into our own hands, so that everyone who wants to make a difference can. So many people are sitting, as you are, as we were, waiting for an opportunity. If you were waiting for a signal, this is it. We launched GreenSeed Ventures as a way for every day people to take back control, to democratize climate change solutions, to have the ability to choose progress every time. Your air, your food, your water, your house, your descendants are depending on it.

We give you the ability to fund renewable energy projects without breaking the bank, because we know that our generation can barely (if even) afford a house. That’s why we make it easy to contribute with as little as $50 as a form of investment. That’s right. There’s no donations here. You purchase a panel and earn money from electricity that it generates. Best of all, that electricity directly offsets coal and natural gas emissions and gets sold at a discount to low income communities who are heavily impacted by climate change or reliant on fossil fuel industries. In this manner, we are mobilizing the capital of every day people worldwide to achieve a 100% renewable future that is owned by and benefits everyone. 

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